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...a visit you will not forget !


Our home is the venue for our intimate programs. Almost every item in our home has a story behind it and we like sharing them with our guests. 

Music Hour

Our House

Pre Booked Groups Only - Contact us for more info

Progrmas in English,Scandinavian or both - and yes
in Icelandic too!

In Bakkastofa or another location of choice.

Ásta paints a fascinating picture of how modern Iceland was born. Her ancestors, dating back 250 years, were active participants in transforming a stagnant society into a modern one.

A personal, intimate introduction to the heritage and culture of Iceland - the island that people connect with Vikings, Sagas, Wild Nature, Elves and Ghosts.

Show created by Valgeir Gudjonsson, one of Iceland’s favorite artists – performed by Valgeir and his crew. 

Yes, and for those who want to see more, the wonderful Heritage Museum "Húsið" the home of Ásta's ancestors is just a short walk in the picturesque seaside village of Eyrarbakki.

Valgeir, one of Iceland‘s ace singer/ songwriters, sings his own music inspired by the age of the seafarers who travelled around the known world and elswhere too! 
Beloved Icelandic Folk Favorites are not excluded.

A visit to Bakkastofa in Eyrarbakki gives the visitor a rare insight into Icelandic culture, heritage and history.

Húsið Museum

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