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Want to visit an Icelandic home? 

Ásta and Valgeir have been involved in the traveling busines for the last ten years, offering exclusive visits for travellers. Their background is in art, music and psychology and they know a great deal about Icelandic culture, heritage and nature.


They live and work in a charming three floor house, Búðarhamar with a small reception local on the ground floor and salons on the second floor, furnished with objects and artwork dating back to the 19th century.

In the case of a visit from small groups who want to experience a close encounter with Icelanders, the program can be flexible.
To give an idea or two about this:


Example 1:


1 – 10 guests come for a visit for half a day 4 - 6 hours and spend time with Ásta and Valgeir, inside and outdoor.
Casual introduction to the past and present Iceland.


Music and short stories that give an insight into the Icelandic mindset. Guests participate in making light meals, depending on their wishes and priorities.  Not to be missed is a walk by the ocean and through the village with a visit to the very special  museeum „ Húsið“  where Ásta´s ancestors lived in the 18th century.

Example 2:


1 – 8 guests overnight at Eyrarbakki having the same program as showed in example 1, plus additional , indoor/outdoor activities. These can vary in line with the guests priorities and individual wishes; A ride to different historical places in the area of the South or to places of uniqe nature; going horseback riding; longer promenades like into the Birds Sanctuary; going shopping lobster or other seefood at the fish factory to be cooked at „home“ ; or going to nice restaurants at Eyrarbakki or  in the villages nearby.


Sleeping facilities are in a seperate old charming historical house „Gunnarshús“ with made up beds, towels and  other basic facilities. Gunnarshús is a 300 m distance from Bakkastofa and is extremely well located with an open view to the ocean.

Gunnarshús is not an open Guesthouse and only used by guests of Bakkastofa.  

bakkastofa eyrargata 32, 820 eyrarbakki / - 821 2428 - 561 2429 www.

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