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Every guest reception/ program is tailor-made according to guests' wishes.



Bakkastofa in Eyrarbakki is less than an hour's drive from Reykjavík. 

Eyrarbakki is a Historical Seaside Village on the South Coast of Iceland.


The program can take place in different  venues in Eyrarbakki Village

In " Húsið" /" The House" (the former home of Ásta's ancestors );  

At the Red House Restaurant;

or in Bakkastofa, which is the artist's home.

( By request Ásta and Valgeir perform elsewhere )

Guests can contact us directly for more information : +354 821-2426 + 354 821-2428

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Valgeir Guðjónsson:

Valgeir the musician has a deeply rooted place within Iceland's thriving music and culture scene.


A celebrated composer and lyricist

and performer.

Valgeir has been a member of highly popular bands; written multiple film scores including projects for PBS and Discovery Channel in the US.


Valgeir has worked in TV and Radio and various other projects in different countries.


SAGA MUSICA consists of music and lyrics where the lyrics refer to the old Icelandic SAGAS and mythology.



THE SAGA MUSICA concert is a real ear-  and an eye-opener for a unique look at the Saga Age.

The SAGA MUSICA catologue contains over 40 songs which means that the performance can vary from time to time depending on the circumstance

and the audience.

SAGA MUSICA  is geared toward English-speaking audience.  

Those who see and hear Valgeir perform his music and lyrics leave with a highly positive experience and a new angle of the SAGAS.


Ásta Kristrún Ragnarsdóttir:

A true pioneer, Ásta has never let titles get in the way of what work she chooses.


Ásta established Bakkastofa Culture House in Eyrarbakki in 2014.

Her ancestors had great input on Eyrarbakki the people and its surroundings in the 19th century. 

This was during the period of fight for the independence of Iceland.


The family stories she heard from a young age give her deep insight into the village's history and culture.


After her master's degree in psycholocical counceling, Ásta became Iceland's first Students Counselor at the University of Iceland  & the director of the services for 20 years.


After she quit the University Ásta was involved in projects ranging from private counseling; developing highly innovative study theories & utilities; being involved in women's political parties; practicing interior design; practicing visual stage director, and being a writer.

Her novel "What Dwells in Silence" contains stories dating 200 years back, exposing her ancestress's input to the Icelandic history dwelled silence

for all those years.


Those who want to know more

about Ásta can open the link below:


ÁKR 7_1.jpg - Eyrargata 32 - 820 Eyrarbakki

tel:+ 354 -561- 2429 & +354 & 821- 2426 & +354 - 821 2426

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