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„The Golden Years“  A high quality retirement seminar where one experiences new aspects of life through knowledge, pleasant company and the beauty of  Icelandic nature .


Bakkastofa takes pride in offering this program for people who prepare their later chapter of life or who are already there.

Keywords:  Health  - Nature - Knowledge - New Perspectives - Culture and Entertainment.


Background: The Golden Years program has been a continious part of our catalouge for the past 15 years.


TGY was selected a  "Model of Best Practice" by Workplace Health Promotion in Europe (WHP) and German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in the category of adult education. It was selected out of 64 other programs sent in by numerous European countries.


What happens in our mind and body when we become 55+?

No matter how well we take care of ourselfes and how good our social situation is, we all experiencene a new chapter somewhere on the road between the age of 60 to 80.

This happens not only beacause of changes in our physical state but also since we all experience considerable changes in our social situation.

In the Golden Years program we study our lifespan in general and from the individual aspect of group members. During the sessions participants are motivated to to look into their potential in life from a positive and creative perspective, in balance and harmony with realistic expectations.


Specialists: The author of the program  Ásta Kristrún Ragnarsdóttir is a career psychologial counselor. She coordinates and hosts the program and her team consists of highly qualified specialists in different relevant fields.


Length of time: The Golden years are both offered as a one day introductional „quiz course“ day  but also a more thorough from 3  to up to 5 days.

Group size: The group size varies from 12 to 40 people. When the number exceeds 15, the participants are divided into workshops and discussion groups for people to experience confident personal atmosphere.

Food and accomodation: Bakkastofa is situated in an old historical village on the south coast of Iceland, Eyrarbakki. Parts of the seminar take place at Bakkastofa depending on the size of the group and the duration of the seminar. Bakkastofa works closely with excellent hotels and restaurants who offer lodging, seminar rooms and fine food.


Booking and seminar fee: The Golden Years are offerd for groups only through Travel agency and various organisations like pension funds and labor unions.


a One day seminar with meals included:


b Three days seminar with meals and lodging included:


c Five days seminar with meals, lodging and nature excursions included:







bakkastofa - eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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