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What Dwells in Silence

Ásta Kristrún´s  first novel "What Dwells in Silence" was published in November 2017. It was warmly received and Ásta is still getting messages from grateful readers.

Ásta follows the trail of eight women, as she explores in depth the dramatic stories of her grandmothers and relatives since the beginning of the 19th Century.


Ásta uses her education and background in psychology and counselling at The University of Iceland to bring the different and complex characters to live, through her insightful narrative. The past reveals, once again, that human nature is a timeless entity , repeating itself in characters, motives and stories still familiar to us, living in the 21st Century. 

Umsagnir lesenda
What Dwells in Silence

Ásta Kristrún's novel is based on the dramatic and adventurous lifes of her

grandmothers, going over 200 years back. The book has touched many readers deeply, and many of them have expressed their facination in their letters and messages to the author.

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