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Valgeir's CV has caused many liftings of eybrows in the past:
A fisherman, teacher, a Social Worker degree from Norway, composer, lyricist, stage performer, radio and TV personality, novelist, script writer, film composer, music and television producer and a free lancer taking on wildly different assignments.

American radio- and later television broadcasting from the Keflavík US Naval Base proved to have a lasting influence on many young souls who embraced the seemingly exotic culture of the 50's and 60's United States.

Paired with strong cultural and commercial Icelandic ties with Great Britain, it was inevitable that many young people growing up at this time started to think beyond the shores of Iceland and wanted to be a part of a the new culture, sometimes referred to as Rock & Roll.

Valgeir graduated from MH Gymnasium in 1972 and planned to study at the University of Iceland. While in MH he had been active in the school´s social activities and had met new friends who shared his passion for music. These friends went on to form two bands, Stuðmenn and Spilverk þjóðanna. Both bands became highly popular in the 70's and, in 5 years, produced 9 albums that have withstood modern time's ruthless twist of fads and trends.

Spilverk þjóðanna broke up in 1979 with its members in 3 different countries. Stuðmenn ended a 5 years beauty sleep with the making of "Með allt á hreinu" or "On Top" - to this very day Iceland's most watched and beloved film. Stuðmenn have carried on grooving to this very day, notably with Valgeir not present for a period of 18 years, which ended some 10 years back.

Valgeir is a most productive songwriter / lyricist with hundreds of songs under the belt, some which have graduated to Icelandic Evergreens.

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