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A  gracious lady from NYC with the family guys during Easter!

"It was wonderful to meet you and your lovely family on Saturday evening. I will keep these memories with me of your warmth and graciousness and hope to have a chance to visit again when I come to Iceland again. 



Reykjavík Hospitality

This program is geared towards travelers who want to spend quality time with an Icelandic family in a personal setting. Food, drink, music, stories and an intimate, personal atmosphere are the main ingredients.
No two visits are the same - some of our guests prefer light refreshments rather than a full meal. We get our food from our own favorite Reykjavík restaurants, which cater splendidly to different whishes and requests.


We have had guests from all over the world, the conversation is lively and covers a broad spectrum of topics and interests that open-minded people have in common.

Ásta the hostess at Christmas Time with marvelous guests from Switzerland

Duration is 2-4 hours. Hours are flexible; morning, lunch, afternoon or evening sessions.

Prize varies according to group size, menu and refreshments. Everything is included.


Info and booking here.

Summer 2013 in the excellent company of  photographers from the US, returning from an extensive shooting expedition 

habourloft - lækjartorg 5, 101 reykjavík / - 821 2428 - / 

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