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Gunnarshús, or Gunnar´s House is a historic Eyrarbakki landmark. Here Iceland´s oldest primary school was located for almost 40 years from 1874 to 1913 when carpenter Gunnar Jónsson bought the house, moved it closer to the stree onto a concrete ground floor structure and added the third floor. Gunnar had his worksop on the ground floor and his family lived in the house for decades.


In 1980, painter and art therapist Bergljót Kjartansdóttir bought Gunnarshús and turned into a gallery / restaurant, first Lefoli and then Rauða húsið - The Red House. Here the renowned local restaurant Rauða húsið was estblished.

Bergljót divides her year between Edinburgh and Eyrarbakki. She graciously offers her Bakkastofa friends to make use of the beautiful old house with its dignified ambience for our guests to enjoy.



Guðmundu Nielsen´s store in 1916 and with an added top floor today.

Gunnarshús - Cristmas 2014.


Gunnar Jónsson carpenter & Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir .

Ásta Kristrún by a photo of hreat great aunt Guðmunda Nielsen who in 1916 built her store where Rauða húsið Restaurant is located today.

bakkastofa - eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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